Research Theme: Study on the deterioration of the joint mortar

Yuya Araki


Research Theme: Relationship between water contact angle and surface structure

Takuya Komuro



Research  theme:Study on large-scale repair of super high-rise apartment houses

                                             - Survey on deterioration in outer walls -

Nastuki Kon


Research theme:Study on long-term repair plan of high-rise building

Reiki Sato 


Research theme:Study on rain muscle soiling due to difference in paint

Miwa Sakaue 


Research theme:Study on gloss retention rate of regional exposure test specimen

Arisa Shimoda


Research theme:Study on contact temperature change of flooring materials

Ryo Sato


Research theme:Study on Maintenance and Maintenance of Copper Plate Roof

                                 - Investigation on Actual Condition of Copper Plate Roof Building -

Ryo Tanaka 


Research theme:Study on Maintenance and Maintenance of Copper Plate Roof                                                           - Literature Survey on Formation of Green Blue Film -

Hikaru Yanagisawa 


Research theme:Study on Maintenance and Maintenance of Historic Buildings

                                      - On the Picking of Plaster Joint -

Masaaki Tanaka


Research theme:Surface treatment of inorganic materials with laser

Takuya Sasaoka


Research theme:Study on surface processing of inorganic materials by laser

                      - Irradiation experiment of tuff -

Takuya Onoki




Research Theme: Study on thermal sensation of flooring materials

Yutaka Otaki

Tatsuya Shimodaira


Research Theme: Studies on leaves and wall soils

Shingo Terasaki

Hiroki Nohara


Research Theme: Building investigation of copper plate roof

Tokiya Takizawa

Misaki Tokura


Research Theme: Study of optical technology in building field

                            - Perforation experiment on concrete by laser -

Shuo Okeya

Chiaki Wakai


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