Research Theme: Study on the deterioration of the joint mortar

Yuya Araki


Research Theme: Relationship between water contact angle and surface structure

Takuya Komuro


Research Theme: Study on deterioration of high-rise building

Natsuki Kon


Research Theme: Study on dirt and aging of various exterior materials

Arisa Shimoda


Research Theme: Research on material reuse in modern architecture

Ryo Tanaka


Research Theme: Study on the degradation of the performance of incombustible wood

Ryo Sato


Research Theme: Study on application of optical technology in building field                 - Study on possibility of tile peeling prevention method by micro holes in laser -

Hideto Okeya


Research Theme: Study on large scale repair of super high rise building

- External wall damage distribution and examination of degradation factors by repair drawing survey -

Chiaki Wakai


Research Theme: Study on rain muscle soiling

Misaki Tokura

Hiroki Nohara


Research Theme: Study on basic performance of natural slate

Syunya Takizawa


Research theme: Study on function and strength of plaster wall

Soichiro Hayakawa

Shingo Terasaki


Research Theme: Study on dust control of asbestos-containing spray rock wool

                           - Performance evaluation of dust scattering inhibitor -

Yutaro Horie


Research Theme: Research on incombustible timber

Takuya Matsudo


Research Theme: Examination of dirt evaluation method for exterior paint by promotion test

Yakumo Igarashi 

Soichiro Hagiwara


Research Theme: Maintenance and Maintenance of Historical Buildings by                               Direction

Izuru Takahashi

Misa Matsumoto


Research Theme: Study on deterioration of incombustible wood

Ryota Takahashi

Seika Furuya



Research Theme: Current status of super high-rise office by performance                                 evaluation sheet

Yuta Tomita

Takeru Hasegawa 


Research Theme: Study on deterioration and color of historic buildings

Miyuki Nagashima

Shinpei Hasegawa 


Research Theme: Study on the change of thermal barrier performance

                              dueto deterioration of thermal barrier paint

Igarashi Yakumo


Research theme: Relationship between performance and strength of plaster wall

Tomohiro Matsuba


Research Theme: Study on dust control of lime containing rock wool

Seika Furuya


Research Theme: Study on deterioration assessment of sealant in 4 years outdoor exposure

Sayaka Suda


Research Theme: Examining superiority of using laser technology in tile                                   peeling prevention method

Hasegawa Takeru


Research Theme: Research on rain muscle soiling promotion test method

Kenji Arai